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Please Support the West Side Market’s Fire Renovations

I’m sure most Clevelanders and some Cleveland-ophiles have heard about the fire that took place early in the morning on January 30th inside the West Side Market, a Cleveland food landmark built out of an old train station.  When visitors … Continue reading

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Trying to stay oriented…

Disorientation is a common occurrence in the hospital…for both the patients and the doctors. As a result of interrupted sleep, being kept indoors 24/7, and fact that you spend each day doing the same thing you did the day before, it’s not … Continue reading

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An IKEA “Guess that gadget” contest

Greetings dear friends and visitors!  I have returned fresh from a weekend trip to Cinncinati and New Philadelphia, where I was visiting the vast majority of my remaining college friends (2 of them).  Included in this trip was my first … Continue reading

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Bran Muffins

If my mom is responsible for the cooking side of me, my dad is entirely responsible for the medicine side of me.  He had a groundbreaking career in interventional neuroradiology before passing off the baton to my sister and myself. … Continue reading

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