Bran Muffins

If my mom is responsible for the cooking side of me, my dad is entirely responsible for the medicine side of me.  He had a groundbreaking career in interventional neuroradiology before passing off the baton to my sister and myself.  In fact, he retired just weeks before my white coat ceremony in 2009.  After I had gotten my coat he turned to me, smiled, and said:  “Hey, I was in your shoes forty years ago!”
It’s nice to know that even exceptional people start from basic ingredients.
Something else happened that weekend: my dad had a bran muffin at Presti’s and pronounced it the best he’s ever had.  A few trips home since then, I’ve managed to tow a slightly squashed muffin for him to enjoy with his morning tea.
He turned sixty on Monday, and in his honor I tried to rival the Presti’s paradigm with a bran muffin recipe from The Cheeseboard Collective Works.  Weirdly, the recipe contains absolutely no sugar, which I realized only after the batter was finished.  I’m not going to share the recipe because it was not my desired replica.  This post is more of a plea for any Clevelander to try the Presti’s muffin and tell me how to make greatness from scratch.
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  1. Smita says:

    Awww! Anita what a great tribute! Keep those Presti’s muffins coming!

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