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Orange Almond Biscotti

Happy Father’s Day!  In commemoration, I’ll tell you about an item on my pre-residency bucket list.  I’d had my eye on a file cabinet on Pinterest that had been converted into a mini kitchen island.  However, I was also  fully … Continue reading

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Hazelnut Brown Butter Cake with Chocolate Ganache

Did you know that another name for a hazelnut is a Filbert?  I discovered this when shopping for ingredients for this cake.  The name is awkward, as is the taste of a raw hazelnut — a little green and plastic. … Continue reading

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Orange Ginger Glazed Chicken Drumsticks

I have two weeks left in Cleveland before I move my stuff home and I’ve started thinking about the “lasts” of things.  I pass by Presti’s bakery and count the number of times I will probably go there before I … Continue reading

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Wonton-Style Tortellini with Cilantro Pesto

The week leading up to Match Day I was in Florida with my family.  It was a reward for a few months of self-obsession about my future, worrying about my individual path that would emerge from the Match algorithm.  I … Continue reading

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