Join me at the West Side Market Tomorrow

Well, I’ve been summoned to the West Side Market tomorrow.  From 10am-3:30pm I’ll be stationed at Mediterranean Imported Foods, the store where I worked for part of senior year of undergrad and part of 1st year of med school.
If you want to see me look funny in a white apron, cut the cheese, and lacerate myself on the deli slicer, please come and say hi!  I would love to see/meet you.
So…why the picture of Lactaid, you ask?  What with work tomorrow and the deliciousness Ari has planned for you Sunday, I thought I’d prepare myself for the cheese apocalypse.  Stay tuned!
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1 Response to Join me at the West Side Market Tomorrow

  1. Hannah says:

    haha, love it. hope you’re having fun there now!

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