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Pressure Cooker Pho – all the flavor, (next to) none of the time commitment

That’s me sending up smoke signals. I’m still here. I promise. Just been a little busy… There are said to be 4 stages of competency: 1. Unconscious incompetence – you don’t know that you don’t know 2. Conscious incompetence – you … Continue reading

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Smokey Potato and Spinach Soup

What most people think about bacon: What I think about bacon: I recently opened my fridge and was confronted with an ultimatum – accept that bacon is a viable ingredient and use the leftover bacon sitting in our fridge OR … Continue reading

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Spicy Pumpkin, Squash and Apple Soup

And so we continue on our tour of the many uses of pumpkin purée… Today I present you with a sweet and spicy soup – perfect for the chilly weather than has decided it’s here to stay. Also, if you’re … Continue reading

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Tomato Basil Bisque

Hi friends! Sorry for the brief hiatus, but between end-of-rotation exams and innumerable research deadlines, cooking kind of fell to the wayside. But have no fear! When I come back, I come back with a vengeance…and by vengeance, I mean a … Continue reading

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