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Thyme & Goat Cheese French Toast

Yesterday at 9pm, Ari and I electronically signed our lives away to our future residency programs.  Senior medical students participate in a nation-wide match process, in which they rank the programs they’ve visited and the programs in turn rank their … Continue reading

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Heidi’s Black Bean Brownies

I have a problem with making desserts in that I always try to find a way to be able to eat the whole thing.  Doing that often requires some risky, health-minded substitutions, like bananas for eggs or applesauce for butter. … Continue reading

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Please Support the West Side Market’s Fire Renovations

I’m sure most Clevelanders and some Cleveland-ophiles have heard about the fire that took place early in the morning on January 30th inside the West Side Market, a Cleveland food landmark built out of an old train station.  When visitors … Continue reading

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Grilled Watermelon Salad

Clearly I didn’t just make this dish. Not only is everything currently covered in a foot of snow, I’m way too cheap to buy a large watermelon during the off season. As much as I’d like to say that I … Continue reading

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