Life-Altering Steamed Milk

As far as coffee goes, I’ve undergone a sort of de-evolution over the past few years:
  • December 2009: First started drinking coffee
  • January 2010: Spied classmate with “to go” French press thermos
  • February 2010: Purchased first Starbucks french-pressed coffee, with four servings.  Insomnia for days.
  • November 2011: Received first french press from Ari; promptly dropped and broke it in a caffeine fit
  • December 2011: Received mini drip coffee maker from Ari
  • January 2011: Observed my friend Will roast coffee beans and took home a batch…unopened to this day
  • November 2011: Became obsessed with the espresso at Phoenix coffee
  • December 2011: Became obsessed with the Americano (espresso in water) at Phoenix coffee
  • February 2012: Became obsessed with the Speedball (espresso in coffee) at Phoenix coffee
  • May 2012: Brief flirtation with Monster energy drinks; subsequent downward spiral of personal standards
  • September 2012: Regular coffee
  • November 2012: Regular coffee
  • January 2013: Instant coffee
However, now that I know how to make proper steamed milk I have the key ingredient to a luxurious cup of coffee.  All I need now is the Autobiography of Harry S. Truman   Sunday New York Times Crossword Puzzle   Monday New York Times Crossword Puzzle   latest vampire novel   back of a cereal box.

Ingredients (including hardware)

  • 1/2 – 1 cup milk (I used almond milk, but I bet you can make even better foam with 2% cow’s milk)
  • A glass jar for microwaving that is at least double the volume of your milk
  • A milk frother ($2.99 at IKEA in-store or World Market)
  • Coffee (stronger than usual, because the un-frothed milk will dilute it out)
Pour the milk into the large glass jar, and froth with the milk frother.  Not much to it, just make sure you get a good head of foam; I can get the volume to increase by almost 100%.  Put the jar in the microwave and microwave on high for up to 1.5 minutes; watch the jar carefully and turn off the microwave if the foam head threatens to overflow the jar.  Take the jar out and pour the milk over your coffee; use a spoon to hold back the foam first, then use the spoon to scoop out the foam over the coffee.  Magic.
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