Misfortune Cookies

Making these cookies is like finally going on a date with that guy/girl you’ve always admired — unobtainable, with a mystery comparable to a mobius strip.  But then when you finally get what you want, he or she turns out to be finicky and high-maintenance.  And you get burned several times.

I didn’t have the wherewithal to insert fortunes into the cookies, but if you make them you can insert little pieces of paper right before folding.  I’d recommend messages such as “I hope you are worth the effort this cookie took” or “You owe me one.”


1) I really didn’t add or remove any ingredients, so I’ll just link you to the recipe on Food Mayhem.

2) I used maple syrup instead of almond extract; I used powdered sugar for the recommended super-fine sugar; and I used almond milk instead of heavy cream.

3) Look for a consistency of batter that looks like the picture in the spoon above.  And omg, egg whites and powdered sugar make the best eating batter ever.

4) I’ll tell you that getting the right thickness of the batter is key, as thin cookies burn and thick cookies don’t get crisp.  The best way to cook a bunch quickly is to have tandem cookie sheets lined with silicone baking mats…but if you’re just doing this for fun, taking your time is your prerogative.

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