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Warm Fall Salad + Radiolab

The importance of storytelling has been one of the great surprises of adulthood.  When I was small, it was the way I drifted off to sleep or how I successfully made it through grade school recess without ever touching a … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Ricotta Gnocchi with Mushrooms and Goat Cheese

As promised, here is the first recipe featuring homemade pumpkin purée. This is inspired by one of my favorite Cleveland restaurants – Sweet Melissa. While I don’t for a second claim that this recipe is quite as good as their … Continue reading

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Sweet and Sriracha Pumpkin Seeds…and Anatomy of a Pumpkin

Steps to breaking down a pumpkin Drive to the pumpkin store. Make a bee-line for the donuts. Gorge yourself on pumpkin and apple cider donuts and momentarily forget that you came here for pumpkins.  Remember the underlying reason for your … Continue reading

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Misfortune Cookies

Making these cookies is like finally going on a date with that guy/girl you’ve always admired — unobtainable, with a mystery comparable to a mobius strip.  But then when you finally get what you want, he or she turns out … Continue reading

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